Painless Planning

We fully take the planing and development of your environment in charge, which makes it undemanding for you, usually in one or two short meeting we have what we need to build your solution

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Easy Integration

Once the system has been built by our team we plan the deployement with you at the best moment possible to impact your business as little as we can

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Superior Support

After the first installation you will always be able to reach a member of our team for any support needed with the environment

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Why Us?

GridFrost pledges to create the best Information Technology solution possible for your enterprise, train your employees if needed and always be available for support when needed! All this at a lesser price than having to keep your own on-site IT team.

The same experience as having your own team at a fraction of the price!

Combining more than 30 years in IT, Customer support, environement planning and building, our team is sure that we can build you the best solution possible for you
Our team has researched & worked with almost every solution possible in all aspects of IT, We make sure to keep updated on what's new to choose the best products for every customer
The founders of GridFrost worked with many customers with the goal of always placing them first, our main motivation is to make you happy and comfortable with what we present & build for you.

Recent Projects

We are just starting our first projects, contact us if you want to be part of them and be featured here

Custom Solution Build - $ Contact Us

We will completely build the solution you need in your enterprise

  • YOU decide what you need
  • We build it and train your employes on how to use it
  • Extended support when you need it*
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Full Business Hour Support - $ Contact Us

With this package we will always be available for you during normal business hour

  • Complete Solution Build
  • Full support when you need it
  • Extended training on the solution(s)
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Complete Support - $ Contact Us

Full Solution + Full support at Anytime of the day

  • Complete Solution built according to your need
  • Live communication with our team at all time
  • On-Site Support Included
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Available Solutions

Here are some of the many available services & solutions we can build for you

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Network Conception & Optimization

Are you handling a lot of heavy files? Would you like the traffic to be faster?

Our team will come to you, to test your network and see what we can do to improve the internal/external speed of your network

Many businesses spend a lot of time downloading and uploading the files they need to work on, this brings a lot of unwanted idle time

Network Specialist : Olivier Paradis

Project Manager: Hugues Tremblay

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Email Server/Service

Need a new email setup or improve yours?

Our team has worked with many different email services and providers we will analyze which one would fit your need the best.

We can also improve your existing email solution by going over what could be improved for you and improving the solution you have or choosing a new one that would work better for you.

Project Manager: Hughues Tremblay

Executive: Olivier Paradis

Architect: Olivier Paradis

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Hardware & Storage

Need to improve your enterprise computer hardware or storage, we take care of it.

Today, we store everything electronically, therefore, we need a lot of storage whether it is local or in the cloud GridFrost will go over what you need and help you decide what you need. We can also manage your storage for you .

Computers are evolving faster than ever today, to be able to stay on top of what's new and what's coming demands a lot of time, It is our mission to stay up to date for our clients.

Project Manager: Olivier Paradis

Executive: HHughues Tremblay

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Need Something Different?

We will be happy to work on any IT project with you!

The IT world covers so many different subjects that it would be almost impossible to list them all on one website, but at GridFrost we will be happy to work with you on anything you need IT related.

We have resources that will be available on any project you might think of and like the rest of our projects our goal will be to mak you happy with the results.


Art Of Coding

Clean & Minimalistic Design

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Project Manager: Boris Becker

Executive: Heike Macatsch

Architect: Oliver Pocher

Client: FairTech


Some more services that we can offer you and your enterprise

Company Formation

Once the solution has been built by our team we will concoct a training for your employes to teach them how to use the new system

Database Services

Our team has worked with different database engines and are available to build, manage and keep your databases up to date.


Do you already have an environment, but are not fully happy with it? We will go over what was done and how to improve it with you

Information Security

Your systems work, but you are afraid they are not fully secure? Our team will make sure they are!

3D Printing

We are also experts in 3D printing and ready to offer you the related services. Inegration, implemenation, design, etc.

Materials Supply

You can't keep track of the informatics materials inventory and who has what? We take care of that with a custom solution built that you can then easily manage!

Join our team Human Resources

Interested in being part of our incredible GridFrost team, Contact us to see how we could work together!

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Need a Solution? Sales

Do you need one of our custom solution for your enterprise?

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Already have a solution and need help? Support

Did we build a solution for you and you need our help with something in it?

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